DNS Records Explained

If your DNS is with your domain provider, you can add, edit or delete DNS records within your DNS Manager.

But before do anything from that action you must have knowledge of all DNS records very deeply so you can change records very easily when needed.

There are multiple records are there which are usually used by domain provider for their specific behavior. I’m going to explain you some of the popular domain record here in details.

A Record

The primary DNS record used to connect your domain to an IP address that directs visitors to your website.

Subdomain Record

Any DNS record that’s on a prefix of your domain name such as pasteit.ecodeblog.com.

A subdomain can be created using an A record that points to the IP address (the most common), a CNAME that points to a URL, or even an MX record.


A type of record that also adds a prefix to your domain name and is sometimes referred to as a type of subdomain.

A CNAME can’t point to an IP address. It can only point to another domain name or URL address.

For example, you can create a CNAME for paseit.ecodeblog.com that points to a different URL, such as a store built with WordPress/shopify.

MX record

Manages your email address and makes sure your email messages get to your inbox.

Different email services use different MX records, and email with GoDaddy is automatically set up for you.

TXT record

Allows you to verify domain ownership and setup email sender policies.

SPF record

A type of TXT record that lets you set up email sender policies. This is an advanced type of DNS record.

NS record

Contains information about your name-servers. Use these records to identify which nameservers you should use if your domain is not registered with your original domain provider.

If you have domain registered with Godaddy and your site hosting is available on site ground or on namecheap then you have to add your hosting’s name server records detail into your domain’s nameserver detail by using advance custom nameserver features.

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