Laravel’s Amazing New Error Page

What’s new in error page and what’s ignition error page.

Friends Laravel 6.0 now ships with Ignition—a new open-source exception page for Laravel—created by Freek Van der Herten and Marcel Pociot.

It provide a lot many new features to make error page more ease of developing and recommending the solution for the particular problem so developer having an idea about the error if any small mistakes are there.

Let understand the ignition error page which ships with laravel 6.0.

Make sure Laravel 6.0 have this Ignition Exception/Error page, If you have laravel 5.8 and you update application to laravel 6.0 then you are not able to see Ignition exception/error page because it will come with new laravel package.

Let me explain why this error page is special for those who are working with laravel from a long time.

till the date you are having Whooops!! page with black screen while having error in application.
Now developer having a good screen for the exception/error page and also a recommendation for the error too on same page.

In the ignition error/exception page, now you will see the exception with the possible solution, so it will become ease of development in laravel 6.0 :D.

By using the editor inside the screen you can also able to edit code from the browser and get updated copy in editor too.

But for that you may need to add some package that need to install some dependency using composer in command line.

composer require facade/ignition-code-editor --dev

Once you run the above command the dependency installed in system and you can able see the file editor in browser from where you can update your file.

You will have edit icon on the browser you from that you can click and open file in appropriate editor.

If you want to open file editor in browser than installation of dependency is compulsory.

This kind of editor you will have in your browser and you can save and update your file from browser, if you rectify/got your error quickly.

So why laravel 6.0 Error page is so important

  • Display Exception.
  • Provide Feasible solution of the appropriate error/exception.
  • Provide edit file facility to developer from browser so developer can easily made changes and run quick the program.
  • It’s quite cooler than laravel 5.3 and above Error page.

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